Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Street photography competition

 Last Sunday, friend invited me as his group of 3 to join the street photography competition at , We need to make one shot for each of the two topics, "Happy living" and "Crowded" within 3 hours.

This is the one we choose for "happy living"

It scored 9 out of 10, actually I think it is a pretty crap shot.

For the "Crowded" one we choose my teammate's image. Below is the my other two stronger shot of the day (please forget about the topic from the competition).

This is my fav of the day ( Illegal gambling!)

My shots are not up to my standard, but they were what they are.
At the end we lost the competition, but it was a fun experience. Pretty glad that I had joined.

Also street photography in Hong Kong is still a new genre and the quality isn't there.  We all need to try hard and catch up to the rest!

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