Saturday, February 8, 2014

Back to the OMD

I haven't used my OMD for a while and I feel that it is the time for me to pick it up with the 17mm F/1.8 lens to shoot on the street again. 

OMD is a crazily responsive camera, IMHO it is one of the easiest camera to work with and switch from the Fuji to OMD is just easy.

The only thing from the OMD would bother me so much is its body colour, mine is in shinny silver, it looks cool but I always see people look at my camera and it makes me not as stealthy. I'm not sure it is mental or the reality, I feel the lost of stealthiness affects the natural scene and it makes me hesitate to shoot at some moments. To compensate it,  all I can do is to spend more time to wait till the moment.

Newspaper's title"High reward investment in Australia"
I tried the layering method to include more story to the image, I wish I can work on this type of shot more in the future.

 Fortune tellers

 Deceive moment?
 I tried to include 2 people from the refection on this one, but I don't think it works.

I still love the OMD and feel it is such a heck of a camera, but I think I would use it more on the still or portrait work rather than on the street just because it is not as stealthy that I want to (Why I brought the silver one instead of the black?).


  1. The Omd is a camera that has held my interest for quite some time. Seems like a very good street camera. There is no all black version?

    1. Rockerlan, yes the OMD has the all black version. When I brought my OMD, I choose the sliver one just because of the sleek classic look. I didn't know too much about street photography at that moment, OMD pulled me into the street. OMD is a great camera, but more I shot, the more I feel the shinny silver look draw people's attention and I don't feel comfortable for me shooting on the street (in some occasions only, not all the time), I think it is more of a mental barriers to me and I'm not against but welcome anyone to use it on the street because it is one of the best street camera.