Thursday, March 13, 2014

The happiest person

She kindly asked me for help to move her bag down the stairs and I helped her out. When I was helping out she asked me to guess her age and she told me she was over 100 years old!

She also told me she was collecting cans and bottle for the charity to help out the poor. Actually I can't confirm what she told me was true or not during a couple mins of conversation but I would believe her because she has a one of the most joyful smile in the world. Her expression told me she was enjoying her work and she gave me a tremendous amount of positive energy. I think my life should be perfect if I can look as happy as her when I'm at my 70s.

Thank you so much and I feel such a blessing to show me your great smile and I'm sure your smile should stay inside my heart forever.


  1. I can't believe. She doesn't seem that old. She can still the youthful energy in her. You really captured her essence really well.

    1. Thank you Rockerlan. I can't believe too, but I prefer to let myself believe it and enjoy the moment with her because she was really amazing.