Tuesday, March 11, 2014

From documentary to my own thinking- Haiphong Road Temporary Market/ 海防道臨時街市

I used to have the tasty noodle soup with beef ball at the Haiphong Road Temporary Market when I was around 8.  More than 20 years later, I go for a visit again and the market is still called "Temporary"and amazingly, it also looks the same as my memories.  As I keep walking I find out most of the stores are closed and couple of them are about closing so that I look at my watch, it is around 745pm.

A store in front of me was about to close and I wants to take some photo for the store, so I ask the storekeeper for the permission so that we start to chat.

After some photos,  he introduces me his friend (shit I forgot his name),  a retired policemen and we begin another conversation.

Closed stores

Price list

Store owner- worked at the market for 35 years

Former detective- Total of 30 years in the police force with 25 years as a detective

The former detective tells me "the cultural difference between the people from Hong Kong and China generates social disharmony which makes police's job tougher."

My thought 

His words about his job as a policemen generates some interests to me. I'm not saying who is right or wrong between the people from Hong Kong and China here. The problem is we are only a border away from Hong Kong to the Mainland, but our background has such a big difference, especially Hong Kong had under British's control and influence for such a long period of time. The british education system teaches us different core values like freedom of speech and democracy compare to the communist value from China. When Hong Kong has a really huge amounts of people from China visit everyday, we just feel like people from other culture are occupying our place and also taking away our resource (I don't care about how they benefit our retail industry because I'm talking about core values and also their economic benefits to us will not last forever). Our government needs to be brave and takes action like setting up quotas of visitors because we are kinda losing our pride. 

How can we be proud if we are losing ground of our place?  
I hate no one and I know quite a lot of nice people from mainland, what I want is all about social harmony and it comes along with pride.
The pride of a policeman

Things need to be changed.

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