Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My last day @ BrandWorks

This is the last day, so that I decided to use film for today because it suit the moment: last memory. 
Moreover, as a beginner in film photography, using it for a whole day should teach me a good lesson.

All shot by Leica M6 + 35mm Summicron combo with Kodak Tmax 400 pushed to 800.

Not a busy day for all of us (of course I didn't need to work at all, all I did was packing stuff and taking shots.)  If you see all the images, you would feel that we don't need to work at all, but that's not the case, we work like a dog like 1030am to 2am if we needed to.

She is another awesome colleagues. Actually, one of the best account and servicing person I have ever seen, She really knows how to handle relationship between client and us. Of course, her work safe us lot of hustle. Beside as a colleague, she also helped me out as a friend, I really need to say a big thank to her from my heart.

He is the one with my minions(look at the previous post) and he is also new to the design industry. I wish him to push hard and have a successful career (Please don't be late at work and smoke less )

Justin and Sting (see previous post about them)
Like Natalie, he is also from the account and servicing. Actually, I had quite a lot of chance to work with Aaron, especially for all the multimedia works. Thx for tolerate all the bad things from me for the last 3 years.

Aaron and Nat are all watching Korean drama^^;

Jus and Nat discussing about the project.
On the way to lunch: I really like this shot

Coffee after lunch

It is kinda fun of how they looks when they are waiting for the coffee.

Me and Yiu

The one behind Yiu is Ricky, he is a new comer (a week). He is a funny guy and I wish him with all the success in the company. 

Ricky, Sting and Yiu

Jus with Sports Illustrated 

My Desk
Now, most of my decorations transfer to Yiu's table. i think he placed them with amazing tidiness.
Yiu, Sting and Ricky

Goodbye shot
The front door of BrandWorks
Tired faces (maybe they all sad to see me go lol)
We take MTR from Fortress Hill to Tsui Sha Tsui for my farewell dinner

Sting having fun with Jill(left)

Jill was my ex-collague for more than 2 years, really glad that she joins my farewell dinner. 
Thank you so much! 

By the way this shot looks wonderful and this is the proof to me film can really excel in good light.

HANSONG: Korean BBQ restaurant  

After this shot, my roll is done. I crank up another roll and took a few shots, but I think this roll of film sum up my last day pretty well.

My new page of life begins.

For photography, I found out film looks flat in bad light but excel in good light compare to digital (because digital can force the file to extend the dynamic range a bit at the worse lighting situation). When I found the good lights, film result is really amazing and I prefer it to the digital.

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