Monday, December 24, 2012

Sweetheart's birthday

This is the documentary of my Darling's birthday, wish that we can saved our sweet moment and thank you so much to let me had a wonderful day with you.

Lets started with a so called birthday lunch at Tsuen Wan.

After lunch, we took Minibus and went to Sheung wan to have a walk.

The uphill at central area is quite interesting, there are quite a lot of heritage architecture along with the modern buildings. Anyways, the old things caught my eyes this time.

Old buiding, panny 14/2.5

Old stairs, panny 14/2.5

We found a nice building and I used it as a background to take a some snapshots of my darling.
Both shots by CV 25/0.95

We took tram from central to North Point for dinner.
Panny 14/2.5 

Tried to find some interesting angle and this one looks interesting to me.
Panny 14/2.5 

See how pack in Causeway bay? It was unbelievable
Panny 14/2.5

I just found out I forgot to take picture of the restaurant's front door , opps
Anyways, it was all about good food.

All food shot by CV25/0.95

Overall, the food was not bad, if you wanna have more info about the restaurant, it is called Bellini at North Point.

Birthday Present time, it is a watch and I also forgot to take pic of it @@; , CV25/0.95

Yummy, CV25/0.95

After we finished dinner, we traveled to the Peak by MTR.

Me and you, CV25/0.95. This is the best shot of the day to me!

Me and Grace at the Peak, CV25/0.95

I'm the queen of the PEAK!, CV25/0.95

Grace and the night view of Hong Kong Island, Panny 14/2.5

No matter what was the condition (It was quite foggy), the night view of Hong Kong Island 
still looked amazing.

Night view BW, Panny 14/2.5

Yeah, this was my day with Grace. Hope our images can freeze our moments all the time. Even the day wasn't any spectacular, but I did tried to make you happy. Happy birthday once again!

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