Sunday, December 9, 2012

On the way home

In Hong Kong, especially as a designer, long working hours is a must. I off work at 830 (not really late) and I had my OMD with CV25/0.95  with me, as a result I just press the shutter to documentary this raining night at Tsuen Wan (where I live).

The train arrived at the terminal. 

The rest images are from F2.8- 5.6

At the bridge

Outside the restaurant - The place beside where I took the dinner.


Under the bridge @0.95 again

Ya, this was my night.  Due to exhaust at work, I felt a bit depressed, it reflected to the images. They all looked sad to me.

People tend to say 50mm in 35mm format is a portrait lens. To me, if you try to step further and worked harder to find the angle, 50mm is pretty versatile, Enjoy!

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