Thursday, December 27, 2012

Abstract in Nature series

I haven't took any abstract shot since  I was taking design and photography courses in the University (that was many years ago).  Around 2 months ago , I got inspired by my Flickr's friend rwthwaites about, he is such a amazing photographer with quite a lot of stunning abstract works, that's the reason why this time I want to try something different then street portrait.  

Couple days ago, I had a chance to go to a park at Tai Po with Grace, I found out there are some interesting plants are suitable to do some abstract work, I took out my OMD with CV 25/0.95 and created this series.

I played around with Adobe Camera Raw and also Photoshop CS6 for Post Production.

If you feel my images are interesting, please feel free to go Flickr to check out my stuff.

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