Thursday, December 27, 2012

Long exposure - Olympus IBIS study

Thing has changed. My Flickr friend Anthony Leung posted a couple amazing 1.6 second exposure shots by his OMD handheld recently and I was stunned. Then I did some googling and found out that it is possible of doing it due to the Olympus IBIS system for 5 stop image stabilizing technology (of course you still need steady hands and body).

These are my 2 seconds exposure attempts, all by Panny 14/2.5

My technique was holding my camera on the chest and useed both hands to stabilize it. Actually, I had one successful 3 seconds exposure attempt at home, but the image looked dull and I trashed it right the way, Now, I found out I have pretty consistent result for 2 seconds exposure.

Thx for the modern day technology, it makes unhappened happen.

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