Saturday, January 18, 2014

What photography means to me?

Some say about a perfect picture, colour resolution, sharp at evey corner, pixel peeping and so on. For me a photography is about the capture of sensation, which is a emotional desire. I really like the feeling of "That's the one" when I'm pressing the shutter. The story, the atmosphere, lighting, contrast and the contract from the scene or the subject are the elements that keep me feel interesting about photography. I'm not saying that I'm not care about the focus or sharpness and depth of view at all, I do care, but they are not the main elements of a good photograph.
You can have a sharp focus image with dreamy bokeh which has no soul. All I want is to show every tiny bit of myself through my photography. 

After I finished this writing I think I write about what camera means to me in the future. 

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