Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A walk with HP5 400 Pushed 1600

I still didn't have time to shoot film during the daytime, all I could do was to keep shooting at night. 
Since I only got the Iford HP5 400 film, I pushed it by two stop to ISO1600 for a walk at the Tsui Sha Tsui and Jordan Area.

All shot by Leica M6 with 35mm Summicron 6th Element Version 2

Till now, I still don't have any shot better than my digital one at all. All I can do is to keep shooting, shooting and shooting (Hopefully I still have the money for the films)

 I think I could pull this one off if it was digital, I like everything except I can't see the face clearly.

This is it.  The most challenging thing to me was to shoot at ISO1600 instead of 2500 or 3200. It limited my F stop to F/2 - F/2.8, so that I couldn't use zone focusing technique. I needed to focus precisely on the rangefinder before I took the shot, otherwise my subject would become blurry.

As I said, I need more practicing to become more confident to capture the MOMENT. Now they are kind like random snap.

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