Friday, April 5, 2013

Shots in Sequence

I used to shoot 1 or 2 shots (mostly 1) for every candid shots, since I saw the contact sheet post in Eric Kim Photography blog, he showed that most influential photographers took 4 shots or more in order to get the best image. So I gave it a try and it improved my works' quality. Moreover, I got some unexpected outcome! which is the full set of scene in sequence.

All shot by Olympus OMD with Viogtlander 25mm /F 0.95 lens.

He kept guiding the truck driver for parking by telling the driver to go backward.

Problem was he just keep telling the driver to go backward, but didn't notice the truck almost hit the Porsche.....Luckily the driver got noticed and put on the break. (Actually, I didn't know the truck almost hit Porsche, otherwise I would notice the driver too... my bad.)

This one is lovely and beatiful..

The old lady was out of her mind! She was crossing 4 lanes at red light during the rush hour with bad weather and holding a huge bag.

I spoted her being a stuntwoman,,,

now is the sequence

Takes more shots for each scene give me more perspective to show my capture, as a single shot or as a sequence.  Now I have more dimension to my photography for me to explore and I like it a lot!

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