Thursday, April 18, 2013

Back to telephoto lens for Street Photography

If you have read my other post, you would find out I used 50mm and 35mm in 35mm format the most. I want to change a bit and try to explore something new, I used M.Zuiko 45mm F1.8, 90mm in full frame format this time.

All the images are shot by OMD with 45mm F1.8 lens.

For the lens did't used very often and I found out the image quality is excellent with lots of details and very contrasty.

This series is all shots in low light, the AF is still pretty quick and precise with the OMD. The biggest difference between using a 90mm and 35mm to me is you don't have too much margin of error, if you frame a moving subject and you might only have 1 or chances to take the shot because they are still go outside of you frame quickly, so you need to well prepare for your shots.

Since I'm using a long lens, I tend to make use of it to go closer to my subject as possible.

The first series is shot in Tsuen Wan
Since I got pretty close to the subject, most shots are shot at F2- 3.2, ISO 3200

longer lens can do abstract building shots too

This series were shot at Causeway Bay

He was smiling towards my camera before I pressed my shutter....

 I used to not care about pets until my girlfriend Grace, she is a dog lovers
 and she turns me to a dog lovers too.

I try to raise my photography standard too (hope so)

 Ironman laser beam vs Smartphone lens showdown

Old woman and a meow

I found out using a longer lens is hard to carry a story inside the capture (you would found out only a couple shots can tell the story in my post), most emotional capture were shot very close (1.5 meters) or a lot further more than (5 meters).

This was a really good practice for me to improve my photography and I have many things to learn for using this lens.

P.S. For you to wonder why I posted shots which were out of focus because I care about look and feel rather than AF accuracy. Also, grain is not important to me so that I shot at ISO3200 to have more speed to freeze my subject.

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