Thursday, March 28, 2013

Met with International Street Photographer, Eric Kim

Photo by Eric Kim
I have followed Eric Kim Facebook for some time and I knew that he would had a workshop in Hong Kong but it was too expensive for me. Somehow I saw he arranged a street shooting event at TST and welcomed any streettogs to join, then I decided to join and have had no regret at all!

This was the first group shooting experience for me, I felt a bit uncomforted and my shots are below par. That wasn't an issue to me because met with a group of photography enthusiast to shoot and talked about photography was just awesome!

Below are a some group photos... photographed by Raymond Chin and Ricky Rueda.

This one was my fav! looks really serious and intense!

 These are the shots that I took, all by Olympus OMD with 17mm F1.8 lens.

Bide on Messi
 Finding customer
 Huge contrast
 Eric street photography demostraction


Streettog in action
 Pushing the load
 Close up
 Man with sunglasses

I had chance to talk to Eric Kim and he was such a cool person to talk to. He was so open minded and has no hesitate to share his knowledge and experience.

I'm highly recommand for you to visit his blog : . It has huge amount of resource about anything related to streetphotography.

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