Monday, March 18, 2013

Get out of the comfort zone (shooting in strong sunlight )

I rarely shoot at noon, I intended to go out of the comfort zone (night shots) and capture some moments at Tsuen Wan.

All shot with Olympus OMD with Zuiko Digital 17mm F1.8 lens with zone focusing.

I wasn't intend to shoot her at all, she jumped in front of my lens with both hands showing victory gestures , then my shooter's instinct came and press the shutter, but somehow she tried to run away and turned her face.....

This person was walking up to the stairs when I was the opposite.

 I like the old vintage back alley a lot, I saw the light and then press my shutter. (Cat on the top right!)
The rendering from the lens is just amazing.
 I like to make use of the contrast from the shadow a lot...
See the Olympus color is just gorgeous.
Another shot with fantastic color.
 The light was interesting of this back alley, I just waited till someone came to make the shot more interesting.
 Person with toothpick, he looks pretty cool to me....what do you think?

Interesting shadows, the closest shadow looks like a person with an umbrella! (maybe I have too much imagination, ops)

Another back alley shot with great light
With a cat on the shade area this time
 Old school bicycle is appealing to me
 Lions sculptures

I really like the contrast and the color of the Zuiko 17mm F1,8 lens, the color is so pleasing and it off camera file is very good that I only need appro. 2mins/ image in post production.

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