Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tsuen Wan day and night

Since it was a overcast day. it was really good for candid portrait due toe the soft skin tone rendering, I went to Tsuen Wan for a some shooting. The corn of the overcast day is just bad for background, I shot most of the shot wide open at F/0.95.

It was a awkward the composition, however, the silky smooth rendering and the mood makes me ignore the cropping and keep the shot.


I needed to head out to Tsuen Wan again for the family dinner, I just can't ignore the opportunity to shoot again...



Walking shadows

Of course, now is the dinner time and she is my lovely mother.

Mother and her younger sister... sorry for the out of focus on the right...(I only focus for my mother ^^)

People tend to say, you can only do photography mostly in sunny day with bright sky. Actually the answer is no,  different light source has different usage and purpose, all you need to do is make use of it in the right way....

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