Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nightlife in Causeway Bay

Since my office is at Fortress Hill, which is close to Causeway Bay (one of the famous retail shooping district in Hong Kong), I walked there after work (around 830pm) and had some shootings with my Lovely OMD and CV25/0.95 lens.

@F0.95 and went close to the subject, it is all about mood.

People walking at the Victoria Park

Typography with Subject is always interesting

Tidy up lover's coat, really lovely and heart warming. Look at the guy's lips!

I wasn't intended to shoot the police because I didn't want to get into any sort of trouble, I was playing around my focus ring and they just turned from other corner and met AND they were in focus. I couldn't ignore my instinct and pressed the shutter.

50mm in 35mm format is not wide for landscape shot mostly, but I took what I have and tried to make it insteresting by focusing the people from the left, the outcome was pretty good.

They dressed the same and looked cute! 
I needed to remind that they were wearing snow hat at more than 20 degree census!

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