Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Night series from Fortress Hill to Causeway Bay

After finished my work with frustration, I went to take photographs in order to keep my spirit up. This time, it is a one lens session, all from my favourite CV25/0.95 manual lens with Olympus OMD body.

Fruit store which is near my office.

Sunglass at night? I don't know how he sees things, but my camera feels he is interesting.

 Opps emotions

Bus terminal, I like the light pattern from the roof top.

Vibrant color from the double decker bus.

Victoria Park playground, it supposes to be the most busiest playground in Hong Kong. Since it is having a big clean up after event, I got a rare shot that without any people.

Approaching shadow, I reversed the subject and ground, and I found out it is pretty interesting.

Atmospheric scene with silky smooth bokeh.

This lady was looking around and searching for her way.

The hat and the scarf drew my attention.

This person is posing in front of me, so I took the shot!

Hold on, don't across the street, it is dangesous!

She is in hurry!

What a gorgeous and kindly smile!

Happy shopping! It was out-of-focus, but I do think the look and feel is ok!

I found a place which is very moody and atmospheric!

Water tap

Giant wall

Grunge windows

A warm and lovely image at the end

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