Wednesday, February 5, 2014


It is close to 3 years works in the environment without satisfaction, I feel defeated and starting to hate my job, which is a dangerous because my mental is taking hit everyday. As a designer, I feel I losing my passion to create and I think now is the time to look for a new challenge. I talked to Grace, my girlfriend and she has had 100% support to my decision, it is one of the most important thing to me because she analysis all of my reasons and conclude that I'm not doing anything stupid.

For this image, I captured it at the floor of my Grandma's place, I really felt that the environment was like a cage to me, which reflects to where I'm at the moment. I can't see the full view of the outside world because my view is limited by the cage. I want to find a way out and see the other side of the world.


  1. Sometimes a change of pace/scenery can do the mind good. You got to do what makes you happy and at peace.
    Ps. Love your pictures on Flickr

    1. Thx for your kindly comment Rockerlan, I will leave the current job next month and wish that I can find the happiness again.