Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Record from the Umbrella Revolution.. so far

For a last couple of weeks, I have spent quite a lot of energy to support the Umbrella Revolution and you may think I should took quite a lot of images, that was not the case. I spent most of the time just participate the demonstration and I was so emotion at a point I just didn't want to take any photos except concentrate on the demonstration. I started to took images after around the 10th days 

Below are my collections

The reason I have started to pick up my camera because I felt the demonstration wasn't  the same anymore. I'm not sure it is right or wrong to keep occupying on the street, so that I can pull myself back out a little bit emotionally and start taking some images. Even though I'm not sure about the future of our demonstration,  I'm still behind the students 100% and they have shown so much quality during last couple of weeks. They handle the media well, organizing things well, and handle their composure splendidly. The students give me hope of our future and I feel that they have the ability to make Hong Kong to become a better place to live in steps. It isn't easy to fight for more democracy against the Chinese Communist Government, I do believe if we try our best, we can make something out of our expectation.