Sunday, June 22, 2014

My first post from my dream camera

Shot with Leica M (type 240) with 35mm F/2 Summicron 6 Elements.
I'm working on the review of the camera and hope that I can wrap it up in next couple days.


  1. Great capture! Love the light and mood. I've been visiting your site for some time but this is my first time commenting. Congrats on your purchase. I've recently bought my first Leica M, an ME, and enjoying it much. Pls post more photos.

    1. Hi Kevin,Thank you for visiting my blog and really nice to meet you! The M is a great camera indeed. Even though I have sold all of my gears to purchase it, it worth it.

  2. Great night shot. The perspective of lines and lights really work here. And you got her in just right position.