Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Say bye to my Fuji X10 (street series)

Last time I was talking about my sold 40D, now is the time for my fun Fuji X10. It is a gorgeous  camera, with fast AF, vibrant Fuji colors rendering. Even though it is just a point and shoot camera, I gave me a really exciting experience of photography. Now it is sold along with my 40D to fund my OMD-EM5 with primes Panny 20mm 1.7 and Oly 45mm 1.8 (coz I'm not rich), I should felt missed. Here is some of the collections from my beloved X10

This camera has fast AF (as a point and shoot) and sharp lens, but it is still not fast enough for street photography sometimes. I used MF with a setting of 2.5 meters distance with F4-5.6 aperture to shoot most of my shot (sorry some of them out of focus a bit).

On the way

Back to the 80's

Funny Expression
Alone in the middle

You can tell, X10 is a really capable little camera. I use off camera jpg with little pp mostly. Unless the JPG is really off balance, I rare to work on the RAW files.

For the Lens, it is sharp from all Aperture, of course the sweet spot is at F4-5.6.

These are some of the shots from my X10, to view all of them, please visit my Flickr(x10) section. Also I will post of some landscape shot next time, please revisit my blog Later!

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