Friday, May 31, 2013

Wayne and Kabi

We were teammate and roomate when we all the way back in Canada, now he became a real man in Hong Kong.  Today is Wayne's wedding date with her wife Kabi. As his buddy, I full with joy and blessing for you both to have a wonder new page of life!

Even though I had duties in his wedding, I did squeezed a bit of time to bring out my camera to snap a couple shots. Here we go.

All shot with Olympus OMD with Viogtlander 25 F/0.95 manual focus lens and processed in Adobe Lightroom 4.3 with VSCO film Tri-X 400 preset.

 The main man

 Group of buddies

 Bride's fellas

Real Joy
Wayne and Kabi
I missed focus.....( it was pretty low light and I couldn't see clearly in the viewfinder)
Anyways, Congrats!

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