Friday, January 25, 2013

Tsuen Wan at night

I rarely go shoot at night in Tsuen Wan because I just felt it an aging district was boring at night. Since I  just read an post in well known street photographer, Eric Kim about don't restrict you shooting location and try to find something interesting to capture no matter the circumstances in order unleash your creativity. I took my OMD with CV 25/0.95 alone and went for a walk and tried to improve my photography especially in subject wise.

I'm a designer, I sometimes feel I lost my creativity. After I read Eric Kim's article he recommends to do something different in order to help your profession.  I think design and photography are correlated. Therefore, I want to improve my photography to provoke my creativeness thinking for my design work.

I wanted to get a lot closer, my fear put a break to my legs  :p

I don't think I have the money to smoke at all when I was a high school student.
Anyways, I don't smoke...

Selling fake products

Facing the wall for the sake of awesome noodle soup.This is one the little take-out noodle store I like when i was a kid. The environment is still pretty bad, it show good food is all the matters!

Praying on the street.
I don't think anyone would expected to capture an image of  prayers on the street at all.

Women on call

Avoided the flyers
That's what I do all the time!

True smile!
 For this image, I want to show how bright and busy on the street, even close to 11pm.

 Dinner time
 Alone in the dark, HAUNTING!
 In and Out, I felt that woman got sandwiches by 2 buses and a compact car,,,

Since I'm busy at work recently, I spent an hour for the shooting just to relax my brain and I enjoyed it!

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