Thursday, August 28, 2014

Disadvantage of the Full Frame

There is no doubt Full Frame camera is the king of the 35mm format especially in Portrait and Landscape photography. Nothing is perfect, street photography require larger depth of field to show more story and background on the image, which means smaller sensor like APS-C is more suit for the job especially for the night shooter like myself.  I shot F/2.8 at night and the out of focus area is always more than what I want with my M240.

I still like full frame camera but I just want to say there is no such perfect camera, just shoot with what you have and enjoy your photography journey.




  1. I had the same issue myself when I shot a full frame film camera. I have not shot one in ages, I have been using small sensor camera and an old aspc camera. So I shot it the same I would do those and when all the pictures came back a lot were not in good focus or out of focus. Hahaha definitely took me by surprise.

    1. Thx for your honest comment Rockerlan. Perfect camera is just not exist, the fun of photography is not about the camera, it is all about the fun and the passion of capture "the moment".