Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sham Shui Po - Studies

I like to shoot at Sam Shui Po and I had post to talk about it in the past. This time, I went to the uncrowded part of the city and which gave more space and freedom to documentary the life and history of this area.

All shot with Olympus OMD

Lens that I used:
45mm F1.8
17mm F1.8
25mm F0.95 85% of the shots were from this lens.

This area has LOT of old barber shop

Homeless dog..I wanted to cry when I pressed the shutter.

All the old buildings, many of them will be demolished in the future. These shots may become part of the history of Hong Kong.

People in the area

 This storekeeper gave a free pop to the homeless person. I have huge respect to him.

Street store

 My favourite capture, I really like this person's hat and t-shirt.

 Exchange store- currency, gold...etc.

Some interesting capture

I have no idea these people in the photos are still alive or not...

Everything in this area seems like have a story to me. Whatever picture I took, it gives me some bits and dots of story to of the old Hong Kong, wish that the urban modernization will not kill all of the worthy spirit and history of this place.

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